Choosing a rooflight

Choosing your new rooflight can be difficult. You can find hints and tips here on choosing the right rooflight, skylight or conservation window.
Q: Do you have any advice concerning rooflights in a coastal location?

A: We produce the rooflights to the very best of our ability. As such we are proud to offer our customers an exceptional guarantee. Whilst the guarantee gives assurances about our commitment to you and the quality of the product, there are some exemptions. Firstly the location of your property is very important. Our zintec rooflights are treated with an Interpon APP120 primer before the application of a Cromadex Extra Life coating system for C3 Environment. As well protected as our products are the harsh salty environment of a costal location is likely to result in the faster deterioration of the protective coating and ultimately the metal. As such we do not recommend installation of our standard range in coastal regions or areas which are subject to a corrosive or polluted environment. If your property is located in one of these areas, please talk to us about our range of paint options or stainless steel rooflights. As with almost all exterior building materials, you should undertake regular maintenance to ensure that the product continues to work efficiently. We supply a copy of our guidelines with the order but please contact us on 0845 050 8746 should you require additional copies. Paint standards - ISO 12944 Paints & Varnishes - Corrosion Protection of Steel Structures by protective paint systems (parts 1-8) (1998) ISO 12944 Classification C3 = Urban and industrial atmospheres. Moderate sulphur dioxide levels. Production areas with high humidity C3 definition of coastal is less than 5000 metres from the sea.

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