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Large Lumen Rooflights

Large Lumen Rooflights

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Here at the Lumen rooflight company, we offer a range of rooflights, skylights and glazing solutions in a variety of stock and bespoke sizes.

Whether your property is an old traditional style building or a more modern contemporary structure, slated, tiled or a flat roof; we have something for you.

The Conservation rooflight range is smaller in design as these are intended to replicate the Victorian original roof windows or north lights as they are sometimes referred to. We also offer bespoke sizes in the Conservation rooflight design but quite often we find customers wishing to use these bespoke versions on extensions or conversions and regularly request casements without glazing bars and in different frame colours. If your property is Listed or in a Conservation Area the size of your rooflight is likely to be governed by a number of factors, including your Conservation Officer.

If you wish to make the most of your location and your project is suitable for large areas of high performance glazing then our EVO rooflight range will be the product for you. Our Lumen EVO range of rooflights is designed to provide access to whatever your view might be. Whether your home is located in the heart of the city, the countryside or a coastal retreat, EVO brings the outside in.

When we set out to design the EVO range we wanted to create a rooflight that offered large areas of glass to provide uninterrupted views. This meant that we did not want to use cill mounted actuators as the chains would split the view from inside the room. Rack & pinion or linear drives we also ruled out because they can protrude into the room by up to 1400mm on each side of the rooflight. We then thought about using gas struts to lift the casements but soon realised that the weight of the casement made these very difficult to operate. Usually the casement will need to be opened slightly before a gas strut would activate and support the weight. In addition, when closing you are fighting against the force of the struts before taking the casement weight for the final few inches of closing. We also found that using struts meant that the rooflight was either open or closed; there was no option for partial opening. As our aim was to create a rooflight with large areas of glass, it meant that the struts would require a high charge to work. This left us with a choice of either making the range smaller or finding another way to open them.

Manufacturing the EVO rooflight in a range of smaller sizes was not what we wanted to do as this would make it very similar to our existing Conservation rooflight product. Removing the glazing bars and changing the colour would simply be a variation of the Conservation rooflight and would not be the product e wanted the EVO to be.

We decided to make the smallest of our EVO sizes with a clear viewable dimension of 500mm (w) x 900mm (h). Now called the EVO1 this was one of our early test sizes and is regularly used in bathrooms or en-suite rooms to accompany the bigger sizes. At this size would could utilise a gas strut and introduce a purpose built shoot bolt locking system and designer Karcher handle. It does have the open or closed option only but the casement opens to 90 degrees and the 900mm length allows the handle to be reached easily by hand. Anything longer and the bottom of the casement can no longer be reached from inside the room. We did attempt to use a separate pole piece but during testing we found that continuously pulling on the handle with a separate crank led to damaging the handle and risked breaking the fixing screws used to keep it attached to the liner. The action also put additional stresses on the wooden liner which over time could lead to it splitting around the handle.

After finalising the design of the EVO1 we continued to develop the rooflight to allow bigger opening casements with electric actuation.

As with all the roof windows in our Lumen range, the EVO rooflight is supplied with a high specification of Pilkington self-clean glazing, real wood internal liners and is manufactured and hand finished in Great Britain. We always aim to price our products competitively but there is very little available on the market to rival the specification of the EVO. One of the most expensive components is the twin chain actuators which are concealed in the sides of the framework. There are a vast amount of electric actuators in today's market but when researching our chosen product it was always about how well it operated and how long it will last rather than 'what's the cheapest option'. We only use German manufactured D&H actuators because they offer the power and quality engineering required to operate the large EVO casements over long periods of time. With a lifting force of around 1000N we can use these actuators to provide opening casements much bigger than many of our competitors.

The Lumen EVO is also available in a fixed casement design which is priced lower than the opening option. This version still boasts an impressive glazing specification, twin American ash linings and a trickle vent for background ventilation.

Our latest prices can be viewed in the EVO section of our products page.