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The Lumen EVO

The Lumen EVO

Here at the Lumen Rooflight Company we offer more than just Conservation Rooflights.

In addition to stock sized and bespoke conservation rooflights we offer roof windows for flat roof applications and our EVO range of skylights...

The EVO range of skylights was originally designed to offer a more contemporary feel than that of our Lumen Conservation rooflight. Rather than simply having fixed casements the design offers large areas of thermally efficient glazing that can be electrically operated to provide ventilation or access.

The EVO 1 is the smallest of our contemporary skylights and continues to use our original design with gas strut assisted opening, a stylish manual opening mechanism and a shoot bolt lock. As with all the EVO skylight range, it comes with twin American ash interior liners that provide a neat real wood interior finish. The EVO 1 skylight is available with a finished clear viewable size of 500mm wide x 900mm high.

EVO skylight sizes larger than the EVO 1 are available either as a fixed shut design or are operated with an electric actuator system. To maximise the clear viewable area, we decided that these skylight windows should have the actuators concealed within the framework of the casement ensuring uninterrupted views and if necessary clear access. Traditionally chain drive actuators, such as those used on our Lumen Conservation rooflight, are located on the cill section of a rooflight and although these can be quite small they are visible when the rooflight is closed and the chains are positioned in the middle of the opening.

With the benefit of clear uninterrupted views, many of our customers are choosing landscape EVO skylights so that the width dimension is bigger than the height. This ensures that you use the panoramic view rather than having much of the rooflight above or below your eye line. Our EVO 4 skylight provides a clear viewable size of 2305mm wide x 1350mm high.

When developing the EVO range of skylights we did consider using edge to edge glazing however our design team felt that as the additional glass did not add to the viewable area seen by the customer it was not worth the increased risk of unit failure and reduced security. In fact we decided to enhance these features and our EVO skylight range all come with a four sided capping piece. This feature not only provides additional security against removing the glass from the outside but also covers the hinge section to make it significantly more difficult to remove the hinge bolts. The capping piece is supplied in the same metallic paint finish to compliment the rest of the framework.

With a profile depth of around 105mm above the rafter, the EVO skylight is a bigger product than our Lumen Conservation range however, this allows us to conceal the electric actuators within the frame, use 6mm rather than 4mm glass in the units and provide twin American ash liners which ensure that all internal metalwork is covered by timber. The EVO range of skylight windows are powder coated in Noir 2100 Sable (dark metallic grey) with a C4 coating which means they can be used in coastal locations.

All EVO skylight windows are supplied with trickle vents to allow background ventilation if required. These are used on both opening and fixed rooflight designs. Our glazing capping section plays an important part in the trickle vent design and helps guide the flow of air to the vent. Rather than having a series of holes drilled directly opposite the vent cover, which can lead to unwanted draughts, the air circulates up between the capping and the frame and through a series of channels to ensure you have air flow and not a breeze.

The EVO skylight is available in four sizes but we find that customers more often wish to have sizes to suit their own applications. As well as altering your size requirements you can change the colour, glazing specification and the wood used for the interior liners. Making these changes and having your own bespoke sky light window may not increase the cost as much as you might think and we would also advise speaking to one of our Lumen Rooflight Company technical advisors for a quotation.

You can contact Lumen via phone on 0330 300 1090, via email at or alternatively click on our Instant Message button on the left hand side of each of our Lumen website pages.