Opening Mechanisms

To compliment the interior our Lumen Conservation sky lights are supplied with a British made, solid brass winding mechanism. Not only are these winders beautifully crafted ours are designed with a 20mm diameter spindle thickness and a 1.5mm pitched thread. This close thread gives our winders a far smoother operation. Each winder is produced on a CNC lathe and hand assembled to ensure a consistency that cannot be achieved using a manual lathe.

Hand and pole mechanisms, supplied in brass as standard, are included in the price of the rooflight. Both options are available in chrome for an additional 25 per winder.

In addition to the manual options, we can offer a wide selection of electric mechanisms. With a particularly compact design and high efficiency, the drive requires only a small amount of space for mounting position. Kato Radio electric winders are supplied as the standard electric option and operate using a remote control. Please speak to us for further details concerning additional rain, temperature and total closure options.

Chain drives represent the most modern and elegant solution for window remote controls. Due to their construction, they are closely attached to the profile of the window. When the chain is completely extended, it is fixed, so that even bigger pressure burdens can be carried out and there is sufficient stability, for example with wind. When the window is closed, the chain disappears discreetly into the drive profile, so that no disturbing rods are visible.