Linking Bars

If your project requires a continuous run of conservation style rooflights then the Lumen Link Light is one solution that we can offer. The Lumen Link Light offers the benefits of increased light without the wait for a special rooflight to be manufactured.

Using rooflights from our range of stock sizes it offers a cost effective and easy way to open up your roof space. Using our specially designed capping section you can link as many of the stock sizes as you require (subject to rooflight height) and can consist of both opening and fixed casements.

The Link Light option offers the possibility of linking the 12 standard sized Lumen Conservation rooflights side by side. This is achieved by using our linking capping section to allow an unlimited number of roof lights in a run. It is also possible to link the LR4 and LR5 rooflights as the heights are the same. We do not recommend installation of our Lumen Conservation rooflights directly above each other. A series of tiles or slates should separate the frames when rooflights are placed above each other.

Although using the linking bars offers the benefit of next day delivery and a reduction in the price, compared to bespoke, the profile will produce an internal gap of 179mm between each rooflight. This will require a supporting rafter and would usually be covered by plasterboard or timber.